Don’t Let Bankers Buy Human Rights or why I’ve started this blog

For so long, many have been oppressed by banks, either knowingly or unknowingly. We have, at some point or another, found ourselves victims of bankers quest to make a lot more money at the expense of customers. I think it is time that someone spoke up, a time for someone to rise against the oppressors and try and put a stop to this.


My name is Anna. And just like many other people out there, I have fallen prey to the banks. That is why I started this blog. To let all and sundry know what really goes on in the financial sector, and to demonstrate the problem of financial power in the system.

It is not a path for the faint hearted I must say, it is not a path for the weak spirited but only for the brave and the courageous and the strong .

Question is, are you brave enough to join me take on the world?